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Digimon Season 6 Episode 01

Screams echoed throughout the land that was covered in darkness. Innocent creatures were running away in fear from what they knew was coming.

“Sir. It’s almost time.”
“Good! I want to see how far they can make it!”
Chanel was getting dressed and headed to this summer program when they helped you prepare for college. You stayed there for a month learning how to organize and things of that nature. The 17 year old blonde girl was worried that she wouldn’t make any friends because she was shy and got nervous around others, so because of that she didn’t have many friends. She got in the car and her father drove her to the program.
“All right, we’re here! Love you!”
“Love you too, Dad.” Chanel watched her father leave and took a deep breath. She walked to her room and opened the door to see a black girl inside with smooth brown skin and long black hair.
“Umm, who are you walking in my room like that? Now if I woulda socked yo ass, I woulda been wrong!”
“Oh! Umm well umm hi, I’m Chanel and umm please don’t hit me.”
“Oh…Hmm well I’m Danielle or Dani for short. I’m guessing you must be my roommate.” Chanel began to settle in and the girls began to talk and bonded very quickly. Danielle took Chanel to meet some of her friends. When they walked in the room, they were greeted by a tall light skinned boy who was smiling.
“Hi! I’m Tyler but you can call me Ty if you want. These are my roommates, Max and Galen.” Tyler’s smiling face and cheerful attitude made Chanel more hopeful about this being a good experience for her.
The five teens got to each other much and better and hung out until everyone started to get sleepy. Max and Danielle couldn’t go to sleep so they decided to take a walk. When they were walking back, Max saw a bright light in the woods.
“Did you see that light?”he asked Danielle.
“Yeah, but umm look I don’t know if I’m beat to find out!”
“Don’t be a punk ass! Go wake everybody else up and tell em to come here!”
“Whatever yo!” Danielle said as she ran to get everyone else. They all arrived to see Max standing there waiting. They made their way into the woods.
“Is that the light, Max?” Galen asked.
“Yeah, man!” Max replied. The five of them got closer and the light grew brighter. In a flash, they were gone without a trace.