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Blood, Love & Money:Chapter 5-Blood Spilled, War Made

Steven began to panic as he saw his boys were dead. He knew he was outnumbered against TyShawn and it was only a matter of time before he was next. He also knew that he didn’t have the $300,000 he owed to TyShawn either. As this point, it was either killed or be killed. He went up to his bedroom and looked out of his window and saw Cristal & Shanelle get out of Cristal’s car. He blew a sigh of relief that they were safe. The two of them entered the house. As soon as Cristal saw Steven, she punched him in the face. She began throwing punches and hitting him in the face, throat and chest. Shanelle was impressed by her best friend. She had only seen Cristal fight a couple of times and when she did, she always moved gracefully and swiftly and she never lost. Cristal was winning until Steven grabbed her by the hair and swung her to the ground. He was about to punch her until Shanelle ran up, picked Steven up and choked slammed him. Steven then realized Cristal and Shanelle could beat him to death if they wanted to.

"What the fuck is wrong with yall?" Steven asked. Shanelle spoke up first.

"Shut the fuck up, grimy ass nigga! You fuckin other bitches when you supposed to be with Cristal! Dirty dick ass nigga!"

"I don’t know what the fuck you talkin bout!" Cristal chimed in after Steven said that.

"Nigga, you lyin! I saw the tape of you fuckin that stripper bitch!"

"I didn’t mean to man! It just happened!"

"OH MY GOD! Yous a lying corny ass nigga! Punk ass bitch! Shanelle, let’s get the fuck outta here before I blacks the fuck out." They both quickly left and drove back to their apartment. As soon as they entered the house, Cristal fell on the floor and cried, while Shanelle just hugged her.


Steven was trying to clean up all of the blood in his house. He was nervous because everyone in his crew, including his driver had gotten murked. He had a black eye and a busted lip from where Cristal and Shanelle had whupped his ass and today was just not a good day for him. But he had to get his shit together because if he didn’t TyShawn would take him out.


Cristal and Shanelle went to go visit her mom to get more advice. They opened the door to see her mom’s blood all over the walls. Shanelle has tears coming out of her eyes, while Cristal is full of rage, blank of any emotion but anger. She knew it was TyShawn and quickly made a phone call.


Steven was planning his revenge when he heard the phone ring. “Cristal? Baby I’m sor…” “Shut the fuck up! I don’t wanna get back together. That nigga got my mom’s blood on his hands and now I want his.”