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Blood, Love & Money:Chapter 4-TyShawn Hardley

"You got the video?"

"Yes, sir." The man put the video on the table and left. TyShawn Hardley, the leader of the Diamond Backs, looked at the tape and laughed. He was after Steven just because of the fact he loved killing niggas and the fact that Steven owed his money was just a bonus. He was basically toying with him just for the hell of it.


Cristal was in class, thinking about how her life would be if the Diamond Backs weren’t coming after her. She also wondering if there was anything she could do to stop them. When class let out, she went over to her mother’s house. She knocked on the door.


"It’s me, Mom. Let me in!"

"Umm, who the fuck is me? I’m the only me in this muthafucker!"

"Oh my GOD, Mom! It’s your daughter, Cristal!"

Her mom opened the door and Cristal saw her smiling face.

"Ohh! Haha! Hey, girl!!! Shit nigga you betta learn to identify yoself! Ain’t nobody beat to play no punk ass guess who in this bitch! Anyway, what’s up? What’s going on?" Cristal tells her mother what’s been going on from start to finish.

"Hmm, I see. So you love this nigga?"

"Umm, yeah! Well at least I think I do."

"Well, the only advice I could give you is go with your guy. But be careful tho. Please if those DBs come after you, don’t be one of those dumb white bitches in he movies and fall and shit! Ya heard me?"

"HAHA! Ma, you crazy! But I understand tho. Thanks!" They exchanged goodbyes and then she left her mom’s house. Before she went back home, she went to the store. As she was coming out, she ran into a man.


"What up, Cristal?"

"What the fuck are you doing here?"

"Damn, I can’t come to the store and shit?!"

"Not the same one I come to! Nigga, get the fuck outta my face before I karate chop ya shit!"

"Don’t act like that, boo! You know I loves you!"

"Niggabitch please! You ain’t care about me when we was together and you don’t care now. So like I said get outta my face with that bullshit." As she went to walk away, TyShawn choked her and threw her up against the wall. As Cristal went to fight back, he kissed her at first softly and became more agressive. He then slipped a hand in her pants and began to finger her. She tried to yell stop, but he made her feel so good. After a while, she nutted all over his fingers and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. TyShawn licked her juices off of his finger and she passed out.


When Cristal woke up, she found Shanelle standing over her.

"Bitch! What the fuck happened to you? You passed out in front of the store and shit!"

"I’m good ho! Now back up and help me!" Shanelle helped her up and a tape fell out of her pocket.

"Cris, what’s that?"

"I dunno." She looked at the tape and it was labeled ‘Dirty Secret’.

"Dirty Secret?! What the fuck is goin on?"

"I have no clue, Nell. Oh, but we smooth bout to find out! I know dat!" Shanelle and Cristal drove to the video production room at the college and played the tape. Shanelle’s eyes got big and tears started to form in Cristal’s.


When Steven returned from his run, he found TyShawn and Candy, sitting on his bed.

"Nigga, what the fuck is you doin here?"

"Well, I fucked ya ho, fingered ya girl and then I killed ya goons. HAHA! Sounds like a good ass day to me!" TyShawn took his Magnum out and shot Candy in the head. Steven gasped as he watched her lifeless body hit the ground.

"Now that I have your got till noon tomorrow to gimme my money or shit’s gonna get real. Dueces my nigga! HAHA!" And with that said, TyShawn left. Steven became frantic and went to go check to see if his boys were really dead. He went to the basement and saw their blood all over the walls.

Blood, Love & Money: Chapter 2-Shot Up

The bullet went straight through Steven’s chest and grazed Cristal’s side.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD! NIGGA YOU’VE BEEN SHOT!" Cristal yelled when she saw the blood pouring out of Steven’s chest. She immediately hopped of of him and called 911. As she as waiting for someone to get back to her, she heard sounds of someone trying to get into her apartment door. She dropped the phone, got her & Steven’s clothes and pulled her Magnum out. She was not going to sit here and let some random nigga kill her in own house! Cristal helped Steven put his clothes on and get to the back room, while the shooter busted down the door and came running up the steps.

"Steven, come on!"

"NO! FUCK THAT! I AIN’T GOIN OUT LIKE NO PUSSY ASS NIGGA!" He screamed as he pulled his Glock out. As he looked up to shoot, the shooter caught Steven in the stomach. Cristal grabbed her Magnum and shot the man twice in the head. The man’s lifeless body dropped to the ground.

"Yo, Steven! You ok?" She listened to his chest to see he had stopped breathing just like the man did.


Shanelle pulled up to the hospital, worried for her best friend and how Cristal would take it if this guy she could potentially be wifed up to die.

"Cris! Oh my GOD! What happened?" Shanelle asked. Cristal began to explain what happened every detail from start to finish.

"What did the guy look like?"

"He had a scar under his eye and a diamond tattooed on his forehead."

"Are you serious?" Shanelle began to pace back and forth, looking worried.

"What, Nell?"

"You remember our class did a project on gangs and that annoying ass white bitch Shelby WHO I CAN’T STAND did hers on that Black Version of the KKK called the DiamondBacks."

"Yeah and?"

"Um, they the most ruthless gang in the US! If dude had a diamond on his head and was after Steven, Steven was doing somethin he wasn’t supposed to be doing! He probably selling drugs for them! You did find out his job right?"

"Um, it never came up."

"Ugh, I swear yous a dumb broad yo! If he ain’t goin to school or a job at the local Mickey D’s but got mad paper, obviously this nigga’s a dealer! Come on now!"

"Look, Steven’s not dumb ok? He wouldn’t get it crackin with them niggas without an army ready to back him up."

"Well if one DB came after him, more are on the way! They are ruthless and since you fucks with him, you gonna be in the line of fire too! Steven’s needs to dip and he needs to dip right this second!" Cristal nodded her head and walked back to Steven’s room. She thought about her best friend’s warning.


An hour later, Steven finally woke up. The doctor came in and told him that he was gonna be fine. When he left, Cristal & Shanelle came in and immedaitely grilled Steven about the DB’s. He told them that they wanted his drug territory and he had said no and it caused controversy. Steven went on to say he got threatening messages from them, but nothing popped until the night he and Cristal were together. While Steven was finishing his story, Shanelle looked out of the window to see three guys in trench coats with diamonds on their foreheads walking into the entrance of the hospital.

"Ummm, guys?! I think it’s time for us to! Like go right now!"

Blood, Love & Money: Chapter 1-The Meeting

She sucked and licked his neck hard. To her, his skin tasted like caramel. Her hands roamed his body, first rubbing his nipples and licking them until they became erect. She worked her way down his stomach, tracing his abs and feeling him shutter under his touch. Kissing and licking trailed down the man’s stomach, until she reached his crotch. His dick was at full attention after the treatment he got from the girl. She grabbed his shaft and planted kisses up and down it, as her hands got to work on his balls. Then, to his surprise, she engulfed all of his 10 inches into her mouth. A moan of ecstasy escaped his lips, while she continued to deep throat him. He told to stop and flipped her into the doggie style position. He thrusted into her and it made her whole body numb. Moans got caught in her throat because he was hitting her spot continuously. She was about to reach her climax when…

"Bitch, will you wake the fuck up?!" Cristal opened her eyes to see her best friend Shanelle, looking at her three types of crazy. Shanelle was 19 years old and . She had long wavy hair, which was all hers, by the way. She had full lips and milk chocolate skin with honey brown eyes. Cristal had always loved how pretty her best friend was. Cristal herself was a redbone, with dark brown eyes. Her hair was midway down her back & red colored naturally. Just like Shanelle, she had an hourglass shape and nice juicy lips. Both girls had been best friends since birth and were more like sisters that anything.

"Who you callin bitch?! And what do you want?"

"I’m talking you. Obviously, you ain’t just a bitch, yous a dumb bitch! And I woke you up cuz you told me to!"

"Well , you don’t gotta get ignorant! Damn!" Cristal got up and headed to take a shower. She thought of the caramel skinned man in her dreams and began to fingerr herself in the shower. She climaxed so hard, her legs gave out and she hit the floor, out of breath, eyes rolled in the back of her head.

"Ay, yo! You good, Cris?"

"Umm, whoo! Yeah, Nell, I’m good."

"Well, hurry up or we’re gonna be late for class and if that old bitch say somethin today, I’ma beat that hump outta her back!" Cristal quickly got herself together and the two girls left for class. After daydreaming about her dream man in class, she went to find to Shanelle, so they could go home. As she went to call Shanelle on her phone, a guy bumped into her. She looked up to see the guy looked exactly like the guy in her dreams.

"I’m sorry. I ain’t mean to bump into you." He flashed her a million dollar smile and she could have melted where she stood.

"It’s ok. I’m Cristal, by the way."

"What’s good? I’m Steven." Steven was 6 foot 5. His skin was completely clear of any blemishes and he had nice green tinted eyes. Cristal looked him up and down and saw his body was tight in all the right places. The two talked for a little while until Shanelle texted and told her it was time to go. Steven and Cristal exchanged numbers and said goodbye. When Cristal reached the car, Shanelle immediately laid into her.

"Um, who the fuck was that nigga? Cuz DAMNNNN his caramel ass can get ALL THE COOKIES!!! AHAH! FEEL ME THO?! FEEL ME THO!"

"Really, Nell? Shut up, you so damn stupid! AHAH! But you I gotchu when we get home." They arrived home and Cristal explains how Steven was the dude she had been dreaming about. After the girls talked some more, Cristal decided to take Steven up on his offer and call him.


"Hey! It’s Cristal."

"Oh! What’s good?"

"Nothin much. I’m chillin really. How bout you?"

"Same really. I’m just handling some business." The two continued to talk, until the finally arranged a date together.


A few weeks later, they were a full fledged couple. Cristal was surprised because Steven was so opposite of her, but they fit together perfectly. She went to class with him on her mind and couldn’t get him off of it. It was then she made a revelation.

"OH MY GOD! SHANELLE! SHANELLE!" Cristal screamed while she ran into the apartment.


"Calm down, Nell! I just wanted to tell you I’ve came to a decision."

"OH! OOH BITCH! CUZ YOU ALREADY KNOW!! But umm, what’s the decision?"

"I’m gonna make those dreams I was having true and get some dick from Steven!"

"It’s about fuckin time! Cuz I know it’s dry as fuck down there! AHAH! COBWEB PUSSY ASS HOE!"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH ASS NIGGA! You just make sure not to be around tonight!" Cristal called Steven and told to be there at 9. She lit vanilla scented candles and heading Shanelle’s advice, made sure the pussy was wet and squeaky clean. After watching Shanelle drive away, she put on the most form fitting red and black dress, which hugged her curves, had her titties about to pop out and had her red "Nigga This Pussy Is Yours" heels on.

Steven arrived and they both wasted no time taking each other’s clothes off. He threw on the couch, forced her legs open and went to work on her pussy. He played with her nipples, making them rock hard. She almost hit her climax, when he stopped. He got on the couch, dick swinging and hard and told her to get on. Without another word spoken, she got on and rode him hard. Moans got caught in her throat like she was back in her dreams again. As they were about to climax together, a gunshot came threw the window and hit Steven.